Exam for vulnerabilities on important information systems

The Global Cyber ​​Security Contest WhiteHat Grand Prix adds critical bug detection on important software and information systems in Vietnam.

WhiteHat Grand Prix 06, organized by the Department of Information Security - Ministry of Information and Communications and Bkav, will not only have Jeopardy, Attack / Defense content like previous seasons, but also the Private Bug Bounty.

"A special feature of this year's contest is the first Private Bug Bounty held in the Final round, simulating information systems that are considered important as well as providing common Vietnamese software for competing teams look for holes. From the discovered holes, the Organizing Committee will support organizations and businesses to patch errors, ensure safety for Vietnam's network system ", said Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong , Head issued the exam, said.

In addition to the highest prize worth VND 230 million, the participating teams have the opportunity to receive a reward corresponding to the discovered vulnerabilities. With the theme of Vietnam Today - Vietnam Today, the organizers will introduce the image of a developing country with achievements of culture, economy, science and technology ...

Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Director of the Department of Information Security, said WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 contributed to realizing the goal of building Vietnam to become a center for sharing information safety, cybersecurity of ASEAN, step by step. turning Vietnam into a powerhouse for network safety and security.

The Preliminary Round will take place online from 9pm on December 14 to 9pm on December 15 to find 10 teams for the Finals. The final round is scheduled for mid-February 2020 in Hanoi.

The WhiteHat Grand Prix was first organized at the national level in 2014 and started to expand globally since 2015, attracting the participation of many leading security teams of the US, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea .. .

Châu An

iPhone 5G will use micro components

Apple requires suppliers to reduce the size of critical components to "super small" to free up valuable space within the iPhone 5G.

Apple will integrate 5G technology on all iPhone 2020 and ask partners to proceed to adjust the production line. According to Nikkei Asia Review, Murata Manufacturing, a Japanese company supplying components to Apple, is researching and developing a generation of "micro" multi-layer ceramic capacitors, which occupy 20% of the space inside the iPhone with the ability to store 10 times more electricity than before.

Each new capacitor measures 0.25 millimeters x 0.125 millimeters, designed to regulate power through circuits during iPhone operation. Murata Manufacturing's research team had to use a ceramic base material, fabricated each thin sheet, and stacked them into multiple layers to achieve a higher capacity, without taking up a lot of space on the board.

Technology experts say that 5G connectivity uses more power than 4G, so it requires higher internal efficiency and a bigger battery. The Japanese company's tiny micro-layer ceramic capacitors will help smartphone makers take advantage of the free space for other components like high-capacity batteries.

In addition to supplying components for iPhone, Murata Manufacturing is also cooperating with many other smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei.

Apple is expected to change the cycle of introducing new products next year. JP Morgan analyst believes that the company will launch four new iPhone models next year, including two standard iPhone 12 models of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches at the beginning of the year, two iPhone 12 Pro models. 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches at the end of the year. At the same time, the iPhone 2020 series will support 5G connectivity to increase competition before Android rivals.


Apple may launch 5 iPhone models in 2020

In addition to iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple may add iPhone SE2 and iPhone 12 Plus that support 5G.

Since 2017, Apple has released three new iPhone models each year, including one that uses an LCD screen and two that use different sized OLED screens. However, according to the disclosure of Ming-Chi Kuo, this number could be increased by two due to the presence of 5G technology.

The first and much awaited model is likely to be the iPhone SE2. It has a square design next to two front and back surfaces similar to the first generation but based on the size of the iPhone 8. It has a 4.7-inch LCD screen, only one rear camera and similar internal hardware. iPhone 11. This will be Apple's cheapest iPhone model launched in March.

The iPhone 12 Pro will have 5G connectivity, a triple-camera system, a new ToF sensor, a 6.1-inch OLED screen larger than the old iPhone 11 Pro of 5.8 inches.

The third model is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which replaces the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch screen upgraded from 6.5 inches. The camera equipment will be similar to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Like Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei, Apple will launch a separate model with attractive prices but still equipped with 5G connectivity is the iPhone 12 Plus. The device still has an OLED screen but only has a dual camera and supports 5G technology like the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

As an alternative to the iPhone 11, Apple could launch an iPhone 12 with a smaller size of 5.4 inches but still have the same powerful configuration as the iPhone 12 Plus. The biggest difference is that it will not have 5G and can use an LCD screen.

According to the Ming-Chi Kuo report, by 2021, Apple will have two iPhone models that will completely remove the connector: iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone SE2 Plus. This is also the time when the company may abandon the LCD screen on iPhone Pro models and only use it on the regular SE and iPhone 13 versions.

Tuấn Hưng

Huawei 'put' old employees in jail

Huawei paid an employee to let him quit, but later accused it of blackmailing the company.

According to NYTimes and CNN, 35-year-old Li Hongyuan has been working for Huawei for about 12 years (since 2002). However, at the end of 2017, he was not allowed to extend his contract.

In January, Hongyuan received a severance package from Huawei for $ 43,000. Money was transferred to this person's account two months later.

However, Huawei has "turned around" when accusing the transfer was made as "the result of a conspiracy to extort money against the company". In December 2018, Hongyuan was held criminally charged with blackmail charges with evidence of 43,000 transfers.

However, in August 2019, Hongyuan was released because the evidence provided by Huawei is insufficient for extortion. Hongyuan, on the other hand, recorded all conversations during its severance negotiations and sent them to the prosecutor to prove his innocence.

Hongyuan said it was detained 251 days before being released.

A document from the district prosecutor's office in Shenzhen released last week showed that former Huawei employee received an amount equivalent to $ 15,000 to "compensate" in the wrong time (December 2018 - August 8). / 2019). The second document, published in August last year, said the case has not been tried due to Hongyuan's crimes determined by the Shenzhen police as "unclear, inadequate evidence and inadequate." sue for prosecution. "

According to police, Hongyuan also threatened to tell the government about Huawei's "illegal business activities". However, Hongyuan's lawyer denied it.

Huawei later suggested, but did not make an apology, even "challenge" former employees sue the company. "We support Li to protect our rights through the law, including suing Huawei because it complies with the principle of equality before the law," the Huawei representative said.

Hongyuan's imprisonment and unfair treatment have caused Chinese people to backlash. Even the domestic media that supports Huawei make harsh comments.

"If you accidentally step on someone's foot in the street, the first thing you will say is sorry. But the action that Huawei caused to make a citizen lose up to 251 days has not received the same sentence. Huawei will lose a large number of fans, because people are seeing another image of the company: a monster without empathy and turned into a bully, "The Paper stated.

"You graduated from one of nearly 1,000 prestigious Chinese universities, then lost your job in your 30s and were imprisoned for 251 days, while defending your rights. Weibo account comments.

Huawei is currently struggling to do business in markets outside of China affected by U.S. government bans. In the field of phones, the home market is more than ever for the company, because smartphones are not popular outside the border because they no longer install Google services.

In fact, Huawei remained second in the global phone market with 66.8 million phones in the third quarter of 2019, an increase of 28.5% over the same period last year, but mainly due to domestic sales. Phonearena said that after Hongyuan, Huawei's reputation will likely affect and this will adversely affect sales in the next quarters.

Bao Lam

China reserves US chips

Chinese companies stockpiled US semiconductor components as a precaution against the unpredictable impact of the trade war.

According to SCMP, the total value of Chinese imports from the United States fell sharply after tensions between the world's two largest economies broke out in 2018. However, the number of processor chips and related equipment Chinese companies bought from the US rose to a record high (worth about US $ 1.7 billion) in August and nearly reached that figure in October this year.

Some experts say the Trump administration's tariff barrier could spark a technological confrontation with China in the future. Conflicts between the two countries have worried Chinese technology companies about the risk of a shortage of chip supplies, in the context of domestic production capacity can not meet.

Dan Wang, an analyst with Gavekal Dragonomics, said: "The US restriction on China could be a fatal blow to the production activities of ZTE, Fujian Jinhua and even Huawei. So the government and companies in the country are trying to be independent of technology. "

Despite billions of dollars of government investment, the Chinese semiconductor components industry has not grown up to expectations, especially in key areas such as high-performance processors and graphics chips.

The website said that the decision to put Huawei and ZTE on the U.S. blacklist was one of the reasons for the soaring demand for chip imports. In addition, there are other reasons such as the appearance of household smartphone brands such as Huawei and Oppo, as well as Beijing's policy to accelerate the deployment of cloud computing applications.

Huawei is said to have anticipated the ban and has begun to gradually stockpile US components since 2018. In May 2019, Nikkei Asia Review wrote: "Huawei has stockpiled important components. The ability of the US to dominate the supply from 6 months to 1 year, while other components are stored 3 months earlier. "

The Shenzhen-based company has been repeatedly accused by US authorities of being a national security threat and a "hot spot" for the US-China War. Huawei's security equipment manufacturing company, Hikvision, has also stockpiled enough components to sustain manufacturing operations for a period of time.

In October this year, the Chinese government announced that it would invest an additional $ 29 billion in the semiconductor industry, in an attempt to break its dependence on American technology. Tsinghua Unigroup, a major Chinese chip manufacturer, has received many incentives to continue expanding its production scale. The company used government-funded money in 2014 to build a $ 22 billion factory on the outskirts of Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

The growth of China's semiconductor components industry has slowed significantly in 2019, when Fujan Jinhua, a potential Chinese chipmaker, was blacklisted by Washington. The total value of shipments of chip-making equipment from the United States to China also decreased from $ 26 billion in 2018. However, the country's companies still import nearly $ 2 billion / month from five equipment suppliers. America's leading equipment.


Vietnam eSport recruitment disadvantage because of Wi-Fi

Due to poor Wi-Fi connection, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team of Vietnam lost a half, with adverse results on the first day of competition at SEA Games 30.

The incident occurred in the first match between Vietnam and Malaysia team on December 5. According to the organizers' rules, the two teams will use iPhone 8 Plus, connected to the Wi-Fi network in the competition area.

According to Duong Vi Khoa, head of Vietnam's eSport team, the wireless network quality in the region of the Vietnamese team is very poor, while the opponent's is still normal. Wi-Fi on the iPhone 8 Plus of the Vietnamese team only reached two bars, causing "lag" to shock, leaving Vietnamese players unable to compete with the best ability. "The referee also realized the problem and had to ask to stop the game," Khoa said, so many people watching via the livestream saw the game be interrupted for about 30 minutes.

According to Mr. Khoa, network connection quality is one of the major factors affecting game results on mobile devices. "In other tournaments, the organizers usually have LAN-to-phone equipment, used to connect the wire directly to the phone, but at the SEA Games Philippines did not. We proposed to buy additional, but at the end and the same organizers choose the solution is to restart the network device, "he said.

The unfavorable connection has a significant impact on the team's psychology and the final outcome. According to Mr. Khoa, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team of Vietnam came into the game with a comfortable and confident spirit before the Malaysian opponent, but the network incident in the first half of the tournament affected the team. In the second half, when the network was stable, the Vietnamese team competed properly and equalized with a score of 1-1.

On December 5, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Vietnam's team played a total of four games and won 5 points. Vietnam defeated Cambodia 2-0, drawing 1-1 with rivals Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore.

Liu Bei


Nokia 2-day battery for USD 100

Nokia 2.3 has a 4,000 mAh battery, runs Android One and is sold in December.

Nokia 2.3 style is not much different from popular smartphones available on the market. Machine is designed plastic shell with 3 green, yellow sand and gray. 6.2 inch screen with 720p HD resolution and waterdrop style.

The advantage of the product is the long battery life. Capacity of 4,000 mAh can meet up to 2 days of use, but the machine does not support fast charging but only has a capacity of 5W.

The difference of the product compared to popular Android models is Android One version Pie version 9.0, the interface is not customized by Nokia, integrated virtual assistant Assistant Google.

The configuration of Nokia 2.3 is quite common with Helio A22 chip comes with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. The device supports 2 sim, Wi-Fi n standard with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. A notable feature of Nokia's new model is the dual camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels, of which, a dedicated 2-megapixel secondary camera for depth measurement. 5 megapixel front camera supports face unlock.

Tuấn Anh

Recruiting Mobile Legends Vietnam to the semi-finals of the SEA Games 30

After winning Singapore in a tie-break match, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team won tickets to the semifinals of eSports.

The official schedule for the group stage of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang only takes place on December 5, but this morning (December 6), the Vietnamese team must play another "tie-break" match with Singapore due to point.

At 9.30am, Mr. Duong Vi Khoa, Head of eSport Vietnam, announced that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team won against Singapore, won the second position in Group A, and continued to enter the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Vietnam will play against the host Philippines. The match will take place this afternoon (December 6).

Earlier, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Vietnam had 5 points on the first day of the competition, after winning Cambodia 2-0, drawing 1-1 against rivals Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore. In the match against Malaysia at the opening of SEA Games 30, the Vietnamese team was at a disadvantage due to a problem with the network connection, the team overcome and equalized 1-1.

This year is the first eSport to be at the SEA Games. Vietnam participated in all six contents including Dota 2, Lien Quan Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang bang, StarCraft II, Tekken and Hearthstone.

Liu Bei

Nokia's first Android Smart TV is launched

Nokia's TV is 55 inches in size, 4K resolution and priced at nearly 600 USD, equivalent to the mid-range segment.

Nokia Smart TV is 55 inches in size and 4K resolution. With a price of 585 USD, equivalent to about 13.6 million, the product is located in the mid-range segment, equivalent to the 7000 series TVs of Samsung, LG 4K series.

The 55-inch model of Nokia is equipped with a 4K Ultra HD resolution screen, a 60 Hz refresh rate and the highest brightness at 400 nit. The display panel is said to use ADS technology, which is a variant of IPS. Nokia's 4K Smart TV still supports HDR with Dolby Vision standard, though the screen brightness is not too high.

The design is a highlight, making a little difference between Nokia TVs and products on the market, when the metal base is made of a hybrid of Sony and Samsung TVs, LG. The sides and top are made very thin. In turn, the bottom edge thickens to integrate JBL speakers that support Dolby Audio and DTS Tru Surround.

Like smartphones, Nokia smart TVs use Google's Android platform with version 9.0. It is equipped with 1 GHz 4-core chip, 16 GB memory along with Wi-Fi connection. The ports are quite abundant with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

Products will be distributed through Indian e-commerce sites from mid-December.

Apple dismissed the issue of tracking iPhone 11 users

Apple explained the location service used by the system to support "Ultra-wideband" technology on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Feedback on TechCrunch today (December 6), Apple said: "Super broadband is standard technology and must comply with international legal regulations so the system must be disabled in some locations. certain".

"The iOS operating system uses location services to identify iPhones in prohibited areas and disable Ultra Broadband. The Super Broadband Management process uses location services," said the iPhone manufacturer. location is done entirely on iPhone, and Apple does not collect user location data. "

The integration of the U1 ultra-wide-bandwidth chip helps the standard iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro communicate locally with other U1-based devices, without the need for mobile or satellite signals. "This technology is like a GPS navigation system right in your living room," Apple described. "Therefore, users can share files quickly via AirDrop by pointing the device towards the iPhone of their friends and their devices will appear first on the list."

According to Apple, the new ultra-broadband technology is almost identical to the upgraded version of Bluetooth. This is the foundation for developing some advanced features that depend on location data on iOS such as AirDrop or activate Apple Tag. Apple Tag is similar to Tile, allowing users to attach important items such as wallets, keys ... When the item is lost, users only need to go to Find My on iPhone to find their location. .

However, security expert Brian Krebs (KrebsOnSecurity) said that the new iPhone requires location data without informing the user as a potential risk to personal information security. The only way to prevent iPhone from collecting location data is to turn off location services completely on the device. However, the GPS icon (arrow) sometimes appears in the notification bar, indicating that iPhone positioning is in progress.

Krebs alerted Apple to security issues in mid-November 2019 and received an e-mail reply: "We do not think this feature poses a security risk. The GPS icon (arrow shape) ) appears only in the notification bar when location services are enabled. When the system needs location data to perform the service, users will not be able to find the switch in Settings ".

The Verge said that Apple has acknowledged that some iPhone system services are collecting location information, including when users turn off location services in each app and Settings. The company is also not very transparent when it comes to "international legal regulations, so the system has to be disabled in certain locations".

According to Tech Crunch, Apple has pledged to integrate a conversion option so iPhone 11 users can disable ultra-wide-bandwidth technology in upcoming iOS updates, although the company will face difficulties. to international legal regulations.


Galaxy Fold 2 will have a 108-megapixel camera

Not only the Galaxy S11, Samsung's second-generation folding screen smartphone will also be equipped with a 108-megapixel camera and 5x optical zoom.

Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to use a long, clamshell screen like the Motorola Razr phone instead of folding like the original Galaxy Fold style book.

According to Sammobiles, it is not clear how many integrated lenses will be available, but it will have a main camera with a 108 "dot" image sensor and a telephoto lens that supports 5x optical zoom. This 5x module was developed by Samsung Electron-Mechanicalics and started production in early 2019.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is also half the price of the current Galaxy Fold of $ 1,980, about $ 850 in South Korea and nearly $ 1,000 in other markets.

Along with the camera, foldable screen and 5G connectivity are considered to be the strengths of Samsung's hardware development strategy next year, especially when Apple has no plans to introduce folding smartphones while the 5G iPhone must arrive in September. / 2020 just released.

The Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy S11 are expected to be announced by Samsung in February 2020 at the MWC show in Spain.

Châu An

Vietnamese on Thailand recruiting fanpage tease

Many Vietnamese accounts comment sarcasm in Thai football fanpage and some players of this country, although they have blocked IP from Vietnam.

"Dear Thailand, can you lend us your goalkeeper? You don't seem to need him any more," the account, Huy Luu, commented on Chansuek, the Thai football team fanpage. "When are you going to depart for Thailand," wrote Duc Minh's account.

Not only fanpage recruiting Thai football, many Vietnamese accounts also comment offensive in the personal page and fanpage of some famous Thai players such as Chanathip Jay Songkrasin or Supachok Sarachat. They comment in both English and Vietnamese, some with accompanying photographs. Just a few condolences with the fans and the national team.

Earlier, the Facebook page of the Thai football team had "banned" Vietnamese fans, due to repeated "disturbances" regardless of whether the home team won or lost. An IT expert in Ho Chi Minh City said that the fanpage's comment accounts could come from countries outside Vietnam, or Vietnamese people use VPN software to transfer IP addresses to the area. other areas.

Bao Lam

Why do many people prefer Motorola Razr over Galaxy Fold

Price is an important factor that makes a difference in the early stages of the "revolution" of folding smartphones.

The Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980 with a large 7.3-inch screen that can be doubled and looks that appeal to all eyes, but not everyone is ready to buy. As noted by Cnet, users are showing more interest with the compact smartphone, simple design.

The $ 1,500 Motorola Razr (2019) is proof. Products are giving new life to the smartphone market thanks to the nostalgic design, reminiscent of the flip phone models cult early in the twentieth century. At the SDC 2019 Developer Conference in October in the US, Samsung also revealed a clamshell clamshell smartphone believed to cost $ 850.

Last week, the brother of Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord, introduced a folding smartphone for $ 350. Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, CEO of Escobar Inc., said that Escobar Fold 1 is equipped with the most advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-series processor, dual 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel cameras, and an Amoled FHD + 7 screen, 8-inch "non-perishable" like Galaxy Fold.

The downside of cheap folding smartphones is that smartphone manufacturers will have to cut down on some high-end features. For example, Motorola Razr (2019) is $ 500 cheaper than the Galaxy Fold due to its small screen, poorer camera quality, limited battery and memory capacity.

Cnet said that in the early stages of the folding smartphone revolution, price was an important factor that made the difference between point-of-view products and devices that users could buy.

Currently, the flagship of famous brands usually cost about $ 1,000, but still much lower than the $ 2,000 folding smartphone. When manufacturers integrate 5G technology into their folding smartphones next year, their prices will certainly be beyond the ability of most ordinary users to pay.

Apart from Motorola and Samsung, other smartphone manufacturers such as TCL and Xiaomi are also testing new designs for folding smartphones. TCL introduced the Tri-Fold prototype with a 10-inch flexible screen and dual hinges, allowing flexible folding and opening in two different directions. Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, has also introduced an ultra-thin device prototype with an 8-inch flexible screen that can be wrapped around your wrist.

However, instead of folding mechanism or configuration, the price is what users really care about. Cnet recommends manufacturers should balance the price and specifications of folding smartphones so that users have the opportunity to get closer to the new technology.

50 products and brands to the 2019 Tech Awards Final

The Tech Awards 2019 final begins at 2pm today with the top 50 products and brands voted in the Preliminary Round.

At the end of the Preliminary Round (22 / 11-5 / 12) of the Excellent Technology Product Voting Program, VnExpress readers selected 8 smartphones, 6 laptops, 3 cameras, 8 TVs, 3 VND. smart watches, 5 True-Wireless headphones, 5 refrigerator brands, 5 air-conditioner brands, 4 washing machine brands and 3 smart home brands have the highest total score in the final round.

This year, the Tech Awards 2019 promises to have many surprises and thrills in two categories of Phones and Home Appliances.

The excellent smartphone contest is unpredictable, because Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Oppo Reno 10x will have to face the "new face" of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Smartphone market over the years gradually became boring because there were not many breakthroughs. The advent of foldable phones, like the Galaxy Fold, is opening up a new segment, but the high price makes it difficult for this product line to become popular soon. The results of the Tech Awards will show whether Vietnamese consumers love stability or want to embrace newness.

Meanwhile, the first time the Housewares category was put into the program had the third largest amount of interest at the Tech Awards. Each brand has formed a certain user community in Vietnam, so it will be difficult to predict the "champion".

In the final round, readers do not vote but will rank for each product in each category. The jury will score with specific evaluation criteria. The final ranking of the product is based on 40% of the readers 'ratings and 60% of the judges' evaluation.

Participated in the 2019 Tech Awards

Starting from November 22, Tech Awards is a voting program of VnExpress, a website specializing in Digitizing and electronic newspapers, for technology products introduced and sold genuine in the market. Vietnam. The program has been held annually since 2012. The ceremony to honor the winning brands will take place in Ho Chi Minh City in early January 2020.


Apple Watch in Vietnam is about to use eSIM

Apple Watch in Vietnam is about to use eSIM

Apple Watch from Series 3 and above can use eSIM from mid-December if the network's technical requirements are met.

With eSIM, Apple Watch users can listen / call, text, use Internet-connected services right on the watch's application without iPhone. In the past, this was only possible when connected to Wi-Fi or synced with another iPhone.

Apple Watch users can activate eSIM at home. An eSIM subscription on the watch may coincide with a phone subscription, however, there will be a monthly maintenance fee. Currently, in Vietnam, only Viettel will deploy this service in December.

To use an eSIM, the watch must be an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher and be an LTE-enabled version. The network also requires users to use an iPhone, the lowest is the 6s and upgrade the operating system to 13.3; Apple Watch installed with WatchOS 6.1.1. At the same time, the devices must support the network band.

In the list of devices that can use Viettel's eSIM, all Apple Watch Series 5 LTE versions can work, however, some Series 4 models, such as A1975, A1975, or Apple Watch Series 3 A1860, A1861 do not Supported. These are devices for the US market.

Users can check their watch code by visiting the Settings on the watch or in the Watch app on iPhone> select General Settings> About> and navigate to "Model".

In the community of Apple Watch users in Vietnam, many people argue about whether to use eSIM for smart watches. "If the Apple Watch has an eSIM, it will limit the loss of contact if the phone is forgotten. Especially those who play sports or jog may just wear a watch while practicing", member Hieu Nguyen said. will. However, many other members also believe that this feature is not so important because the interface of the watch is small, making communication operations quite inconvenient. The LTE connection also causes concern that it will drain the battery and heat the Apple Watch.

In Vietnam, the operators have started to deploy eSIM since February 2019. The advantage of eSIM is that it no longer requires physical SIM, so it is convenient for switching and installation. Currently, eSIM compatible devices are iPhone XR / XS / XS Max (single SIM, one eSIM) and later.

Liu Bei