50 products and brands to the 2019 Tech Awards Final

The Tech Awards 2019 final begins at 2pm today with the top 50 products and brands voted in the Preliminary Round.

At the end of the Preliminary Round (22 / 11-5 / 12) of the Excellent Technology Product Voting Program, VnExpress readers selected 8 smartphones, 6 laptops, 3 cameras, 8 TVs, 3 VND. smart watches, 5 True-Wireless headphones, 5 refrigerator brands, 5 air-conditioner brands, 4 washing machine brands and 3 smart home brands have the highest total score in the final round.

This year, the Tech Awards 2019 promises to have many surprises and thrills in two categories of Phones and Home Appliances.

The excellent smartphone contest is unpredictable, because Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Oppo Reno 10x will have to face the "new face" of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Smartphone market over the years gradually became boring because there were not many breakthroughs. The advent of foldable phones, like the Galaxy Fold, is opening up a new segment, but the high price makes it difficult for this product line to become popular soon. The results of the Tech Awards will show whether Vietnamese consumers love stability or want to embrace newness.

Meanwhile, the first time the Housewares category was put into the program had the third largest amount of interest at the Tech Awards. Each brand has formed a certain user community in Vietnam, so it will be difficult to predict the "champion".

In the final round, readers do not vote but will rank for each product in each category. The jury will score with specific evaluation criteria. The final ranking of the product is based on 40% of the readers 'ratings and 60% of the judges' evaluation.

Participated in the 2019 Tech Awards

Starting from November 22, Tech Awards is a voting program of VnExpress, a website specializing in Digitizing and electronic newspapers, for technology products introduced and sold genuine in the market. Vietnam. The program has been held annually since 2012. The ceremony to honor the winning brands will take place in Ho Chi Minh City in early January 2020.