Apple Watch in Vietnam is about to use eSIM

Apple Watch in Vietnam is about to use eSIM

Apple Watch from Series 3 and above can use eSIM from mid-December if the network's technical requirements are met.

With eSIM, Apple Watch users can listen / call, text, use Internet-connected services right on the watch's application without iPhone. In the past, this was only possible when connected to Wi-Fi or synced with another iPhone.

Apple Watch users can activate eSIM at home. An eSIM subscription on the watch may coincide with a phone subscription, however, there will be a monthly maintenance fee. Currently, in Vietnam, only Viettel will deploy this service in December.

To use an eSIM, the watch must be an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher and be an LTE-enabled version. The network also requires users to use an iPhone, the lowest is the 6s and upgrade the operating system to 13.3; Apple Watch installed with WatchOS 6.1.1. At the same time, the devices must support the network band.

In the list of devices that can use Viettel's eSIM, all Apple Watch Series 5 LTE versions can work, however, some Series 4 models, such as A1975, A1975, or Apple Watch Series 3 A1860, A1861 do not Supported. These are devices for the US market.

Users can check their watch code by visiting the Settings on the watch or in the Watch app on iPhone> select General Settings> About> and navigate to "Model".

In the community of Apple Watch users in Vietnam, many people argue about whether to use eSIM for smart watches. "If the Apple Watch has an eSIM, it will limit the loss of contact if the phone is forgotten. Especially those who play sports or jog may just wear a watch while practicing", member Hieu Nguyen said. will. However, many other members also believe that this feature is not so important because the interface of the watch is small, making communication operations quite inconvenient. The LTE connection also causes concern that it will drain the battery and heat the Apple Watch.

In Vietnam, the operators have started to deploy eSIM since February 2019. The advantage of eSIM is that it no longer requires physical SIM, so it is convenient for switching and installation. Currently, eSIM compatible devices are iPhone XR / XS / XS Max (single SIM, one eSIM) and later.

Liu Bei