Huawei 'put' old employees in jail

Huawei paid an employee to let him quit, but later accused it of blackmailing the company.

According to NYTimes and CNN, 35-year-old Li Hongyuan has been working for Huawei for about 12 years (since 2002). However, at the end of 2017, he was not allowed to extend his contract.

In January, Hongyuan received a severance package from Huawei for $ 43,000. Money was transferred to this person's account two months later.

However, Huawei has "turned around" when accusing the transfer was made as "the result of a conspiracy to extort money against the company". In December 2018, Hongyuan was held criminally charged with blackmail charges with evidence of 43,000 transfers.

However, in August 2019, Hongyuan was released because the evidence provided by Huawei is insufficient for extortion. Hongyuan, on the other hand, recorded all conversations during its severance negotiations and sent them to the prosecutor to prove his innocence.

Hongyuan said it was detained 251 days before being released.

A document from the district prosecutor's office in Shenzhen released last week showed that former Huawei employee received an amount equivalent to $ 15,000 to "compensate" in the wrong time (December 2018 - August 8). / 2019). The second document, published in August last year, said the case has not been tried due to Hongyuan's crimes determined by the Shenzhen police as "unclear, inadequate evidence and inadequate." sue for prosecution. "

According to police, Hongyuan also threatened to tell the government about Huawei's "illegal business activities". However, Hongyuan's lawyer denied it.

Huawei later suggested, but did not make an apology, even "challenge" former employees sue the company. "We support Li to protect our rights through the law, including suing Huawei because it complies with the principle of equality before the law," the Huawei representative said.

Hongyuan's imprisonment and unfair treatment have caused Chinese people to backlash. Even the domestic media that supports Huawei make harsh comments.

"If you accidentally step on someone's foot in the street, the first thing you will say is sorry. But the action that Huawei caused to make a citizen lose up to 251 days has not received the same sentence. Huawei will lose a large number of fans, because people are seeing another image of the company: a monster without empathy and turned into a bully, "The Paper stated.

"You graduated from one of nearly 1,000 prestigious Chinese universities, then lost your job in your 30s and were imprisoned for 251 days, while defending your rights. Weibo account comments.

Huawei is currently struggling to do business in markets outside of China affected by U.S. government bans. In the field of phones, the home market is more than ever for the company, because smartphones are not popular outside the border because they no longer install Google services.

In fact, Huawei remained second in the global phone market with 66.8 million phones in the third quarter of 2019, an increase of 28.5% over the same period last year, but mainly due to domestic sales. Phonearena said that after Hongyuan, Huawei's reputation will likely affect and this will adversely affect sales in the next quarters.

Bao Lam