iPhone 5G will use micro components

Apple requires suppliers to reduce the size of critical components to "super small" to free up valuable space within the iPhone 5G.

Apple will integrate 5G technology on all iPhone 2020 and ask partners to proceed to adjust the production line. According to Nikkei Asia Review, Murata Manufacturing, a Japanese company supplying components to Apple, is researching and developing a generation of "micro" multi-layer ceramic capacitors, which occupy 20% of the space inside the iPhone with the ability to store 10 times more electricity than before.

Each new capacitor measures 0.25 millimeters x 0.125 millimeters, designed to regulate power through circuits during iPhone operation. Murata Manufacturing's research team had to use a ceramic base material, fabricated each thin sheet, and stacked them into multiple layers to achieve a higher capacity, without taking up a lot of space on the board.

Technology experts say that 5G connectivity uses more power than 4G, so it requires higher internal efficiency and a bigger battery. The Japanese company's tiny micro-layer ceramic capacitors will help smartphone makers take advantage of the free space for other components like high-capacity batteries.

In addition to supplying components for iPhone, Murata Manufacturing is also cooperating with many other smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei.

Apple is expected to change the cycle of introducing new products next year. JP Morgan analyst believes that the company will launch four new iPhone models next year, including two standard iPhone 12 models of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches at the beginning of the year, two iPhone 12 Pro models. 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches at the end of the year. At the same time, the iPhone 2020 series will support 5G connectivity to increase competition before Android rivals.