Vietnam eSport recruitment disadvantage because of Wi-Fi

Due to poor Wi-Fi connection, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team of Vietnam lost a half, with adverse results on the first day of competition at SEA Games 30.

The incident occurred in the first match between Vietnam and Malaysia team on December 5. According to the organizers' rules, the two teams will use iPhone 8 Plus, connected to the Wi-Fi network in the competition area.

According to Duong Vi Khoa, head of Vietnam's eSport team, the wireless network quality in the region of the Vietnamese team is very poor, while the opponent's is still normal. Wi-Fi on the iPhone 8 Plus of the Vietnamese team only reached two bars, causing "lag" to shock, leaving Vietnamese players unable to compete with the best ability. "The referee also realized the problem and had to ask to stop the game," Khoa said, so many people watching via the livestream saw the game be interrupted for about 30 minutes.

According to Mr. Khoa, network connection quality is one of the major factors affecting game results on mobile devices. "In other tournaments, the organizers usually have LAN-to-phone equipment, used to connect the wire directly to the phone, but at the SEA Games Philippines did not. We proposed to buy additional, but at the end and the same organizers choose the solution is to restart the network device, "he said.

The unfavorable connection has a significant impact on the team's psychology and the final outcome. According to Mr. Khoa, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team of Vietnam came into the game with a comfortable and confident spirit before the Malaysian opponent, but the network incident in the first half of the tournament affected the team. In the second half, when the network was stable, the Vietnamese team competed properly and equalized with a score of 1-1.

On December 5, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Vietnam's team played a total of four games and won 5 points. Vietnam defeated Cambodia 2-0, drawing 1-1 with rivals Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore.

Liu Bei