Vietnamese on Thailand recruiting fanpage tease

Many Vietnamese accounts comment sarcasm in Thai football fanpage and some players of this country, although they have blocked IP from Vietnam.

"Dear Thailand, can you lend us your goalkeeper? You don't seem to need him any more," the account, Huy Luu, commented on Chansuek, the Thai football team fanpage. "When are you going to depart for Thailand," wrote Duc Minh's account.

Not only fanpage recruiting Thai football, many Vietnamese accounts also comment offensive in the personal page and fanpage of some famous Thai players such as Chanathip Jay Songkrasin or Supachok Sarachat. They comment in both English and Vietnamese, some with accompanying photographs. Just a few condolences with the fans and the national team.

Earlier, the Facebook page of the Thai football team had "banned" Vietnamese fans, due to repeated "disturbances" regardless of whether the home team won or lost. An IT expert in Ho Chi Minh City said that the fanpage's comment accounts could come from countries outside Vietnam, or Vietnamese people use VPN software to transfer IP addresses to the area. other areas.

Bao Lam