How to get any blogspot data data

Hello everyone, here I guide you how to get all data blogspot data any simple and fastest way, the goal is to get all blogspot posts of other people to upload to your blogspot.

Get all blogspot data

I do not encourage you to do so, so called data stealing by others, you should write it better, because it is the effort of people to write such articles.

You access any blogspot need to get all the article data, then paste this code behind the link on the browser and press enter to access the link.


For example:

Then you press CTRL + S to save it, it shows the file name is atom.txt, you change it to atom .xml and save, so that is all you need to upload the file you just took to your blogspot, so that is You have taken all the data of any blogspot data.

Note: The link you need to replace the highlighted area, and the number 50 is the number of articles to get from 1 -> 50, you change the number accordingly.

Add an ATM payment method to Adsense

Instructing you to add a Google Adsense payment method with an ATM account of all Vietnam Banks, the purpose is for you to receive money from Google Adsense with a Bank account, content written by

Add an ATM payment method to Adsense

When your Google Adsense account is equal to or greater than $ 100, you are eligible to receive money, and you need to have 1 ATM card of any Vietnam Bank, domestic card or VISA, MasterCard card. , the steps to add an ATM account are as follows:

Step 1: You log into your Google Adsense account.

Step 2: Payment menu item - Manage payment methods - Add payment methods
Here you select Add new bank transfer details.

Step 3: Please fill in the following information:

- Beneficiary ID: You left blank.
- Name on the bank account: You enter the name on your ATM card uppercase, no accents.
- Bank name: Please enter the Bank name of the ATM card in English.
- SWIFT BIC: Please enter the SWIFT BIC code of the Bank.
- Account number: You enter the account number.
- Re-enter your account number: You re-enter your account number.
- Intermediary bank: You left blank.
- FFC or FBO: You left blank.

Note: Information such as SWIFT BIC and Bank name in English can be found here: (exactly 100 %).

For example, I fill in an ATM card of Vietinbank as follows:

- Beneficiary ID:
- Name on the bank account: TRAN VAN HOA
- Bank name: Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade
- Account number: 123456789101112
- Retype account number: 123456789101112
- Intermediary bank:
- FFC or FBO:

After completing and checking all the correct information, you tick the box Set as the main payment method and click Save.

So you have completed the additional payment methods by bank account Vietnam.

On the 21st of every month when Google Adsense has paid for you, depending on the Bank and branch, there will be 2 cases as follows:

- Case 1: Automatic money returned to your ATM account.

- Case 2: The money is suspended at the Bank, you contact the Bank, or the Bank they call you by themselves to confirm the signing of the conversion from USD to VND, only for the first time and the following times, No need to go to the Bank anymore, the Bank will automatically transfer straight to the ATM for you.

Note: Money from Adsense account to ATM card of your Bank account takes 1-3 working days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays because these 2 weekends are not working.

Content is written by

Wish you make lots of money from Google Adsense!

Experience of successful registration of Google Adsense Content

Instructing you how to successfully register a Google Adsense Content account for the website, previously in 2019 2018 2017 it was very easy to register, just having a website you can successfully register a Google Adsense Content account.

Experience of successful registration of Google Adsense Content

Calculated that in those 3 years, I registered a lot of accounts, over a few thousand accounts successfully registered. Now that it is 2020, Google will update many new policies, so it is difficult to register an account.

Here I am admin guide you some information to successfully register a Google Adsense Content account.

Website building:
- The interface looks bright, good navigation, colorless ... avoid using templates that are easily rejected.
- Articles and images must be 100% self-written, not copied from the internet.
- Optimize websites like: SEO, page load speed, fix all other errors ...
- Posts must be over 30 or more, to avoid missing content
- The content of the article must make sense for the reader.
- New domain name, web indexed on google.
- Building items such as Contact, Introduction, Rules ...
- Install Google Analytics, Search Console.
- Link to social networks like facebook, twiter ...
- SEO web to have stable daily traffic
- Test website without errors.
- Optimize page loading speed of 90 - 100 points

After you have done all of the above, your website from creation to activity is about 1 month, at this time please register, it will be 100% approved.

No more than 30 days from the date of buying a domain to create a website, and no more than 10 days to be approved after submitting the Google Adsense application.

Good luck!

Top 5 beautiful blogspot sales templates

Top 5 beautiful sales blogspot template interface templates designed by, responsive standard templates, code optimization, page loading speed, suitable as sales blogspot pages.

1. Template fashion blogspot template

The template blogspot template sells beautiful fashion SEO standard 2020, men and women fashion, office fashion, the blog is designed and optimized to create a beautiful fashion sales blogger site, integrated online shopping cart for selling blogs. line.

Fashion sales blogspot template

This is a beautiful fashion blogspot template, selling clothes, shoes, office fashion, fashion for men and women, a standard mobile design template interface, online shopping cart integration, ordering directly on the website.

The code is optimized for fast loading speed, the blog interface is beautifully designed to sell items such as fashion, cosmetics, shoes ...

Some highlights of the sample:

Standard responsive bootstrap interface
The latest interface blogspot side
Integrated mini cart easy to manipulate.
Automatically calculate% discount
Automatically calculate the amount of discount
The layout has been designed according to each item that is easy to manage
Optimize H1 tags

Especially the clean, unencrypted standard code, the fashion sales blog interface designed by Hoa Tran on the website Summary of many best selling blog templates, seo compatible any device.

If you order this blog template, click BUY NOW button above.

Conclusion: This is a sample of beautiful fashion sales blogger seo 2020 | GiaoDienBlog.Net

2. Template blogspot template selling flowers and bonsai

The blog template for selling beautiful bonsai, feng shui flowers is designed to create an online shopping cart, suitable as a blogspot for selling flowers and bonsai suitable for feng shui bloggers.

Template blogspot template selling flowers and bonsai

This is a nice sales blog template, seo standard code design compatible and works well on all browsers.

The template is designed and optimized for page loading speed, optimized for the most standard H1 H2 H3 tags. Interface sales blog designed by and sold for only 250,000 VND enthusiastically supported by Hoa Tran.

Nice blog interface makes a blog site selling bonsai, flowers, bon types wrong ...

Features of this blog template:

Integrated shopping cart
News section
Full banner
% Price reduction display
Automatically calculate the amount of discount
Add shipping fees nationwide
Add product code to the order
And many other features.

Conclusion: It can be said that this is a beautiful bonsai flower blogging interface template designed by admin Hoa Tran.

3. Template blogspot shop beautiful fashion accessories

The blogspot interface template makes a nice and stylish fashion blog selling code, suitable as a blog selling fashion website and accessories for shoes, cosmetics, clothes designed by

Template blogspot shop beautiful fashion accessories

The blog interface template is beautifully designed and standard on the blogspot platform designed by the interface to make a semi-fashion blog, a professional fashion shop.

If you are looking for a fashion sales blogger template, you can use this blog template as a sales web. Professional blog interface designed with cart. Help customers place orders directly on your web blog.

Highlights of this fashion blog template:
- Online shopping cart
- Beautiful blog interface that displays well on mobile
- Integrated image album for the product
- Posting photos freely will automatically create photo albums
- Integrating blogspot cart directly from the homepage, easy operation.

Sample fashion blogspot shop sales designed by admin is Hoa Tran

Conclusion: A professional sales blogger interface template especially made for fashion and accessory sales blog.

4. Template Blogspot Sales Cosmetic Cosmetic

Blogspot Cosmetic Sales Blog Template is a beautiful, modern interface for websites specializing in cosmetics, specializing in selling items such as lipstick, sunscreen, cleanser, makeup pen, makeup remover ... set by

Blogspot Sales Template Cosmetic Cosmetic

Salient features

1. This cosmetic sales blog blogspot theme is beautifully designed with product blocks, sale program images, etc. to help you freely display your aesthetics, strengths and bring a comprehensive view. to your blogspot website.

2. The product block is designed prominently, helping to attract more customers to products for sale on your blogspot website.

3. The interface is designed to be reasonably responsive, works well on any device: PC, Laptop, tablet, mobile phone ...

4. The small details in the interface are designed to be minimalist, sophisticated and fully functional of a professional and standard seo blogger.

5. Automatic features:

Automatically calculate percentage discount, automatically create image slides when viewing product details

With all of the above advantages, we believe this is the best selling blogspot interface for you to start selling cosmetics, spa, beauty, jewelry ...

Information about the theme:

Template name: Cosmetic Blogger Theme
Design author: Hoa Tran

5. Blog template selling nature cosmetics

Cosmetic sales website template for blogspot standard seo, beautiful interface, standard xml template, web interface designed by beautifully suitable for you as a cosmetic sales website on google blogger platform.

Natural cosmetics sales blogspot template

Interface sales cosmetic template for beautiful blogspot, google seo standard design, optimized code template, optimization seo meta tag h1.

A blog template suitable for making free website on blogspot platform, suitable for selling products such as natural cosmetics, beauty cosmetics, organic cosmetics, beauty accessories such as lipstick, chalk. ..

Support when buying interface templates:
- Support for installing the complete template.
- Supports shopping cart settings for blogspot
- Support for further editing if required
- Full template delivery without coding copyright.

Contact now for more details and more incentives

Author: Hoa Tran

Conclusion: A sample blogspot template selling beautiful cosmetics seo standard, you should try this blog interface offline, enthusiastic support from the author.

Above are the top 5 best selling blogspot template templates for making website on blogger platform.

Instructions to point domain to blogspot

guide you how to point domain, domain name from provider for Blogspot latest, simple, easy to do, guide pointing domain for blogspot.

First, you log in to manage both sides: Blogger and

On On the MENU bar next to the DOMAIN NAME section, click on DNS to access to point DNS. Next, you press + DOMAIN NAME then enter the domain name to point

For example:

The GeoDNS section is left at default. Then you click save.

Next you access the blogger to point, section SETTINGS - BASIC

You enter your domain first, including the front www. For example, I entered then click save it will show 2 CNAME

You go back to the DNS section on, press 2 more CNAME and 4 IP type A as follows:

2 CNAME you get on Blogger:


4 IP type A:

See example below
Guide domain pointing to blogspot

After adding you save it, and back to blogger click on the check box to redirect to and save.

If not saved, you wait a few minutes for DNS to be updated.

Good luck!

Instructions to add Live chat facebook to blogspot

guide you to integrate Live chat facebook for the latest blogspot, how to add Facebook Messenger for blogspot and website to help users chat directly on your blogspot.

You can watch the demo right on your website.

First copy the code below followed by the closing tag </body>

<div id='fb-root'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
    window.addEventListener('load', function() {
        var is_load = 0
        function loadfb() {
            if (is_load == 0) {
                is_load = 1
                var an = document.createElement('script')
                an.async = true;
                an.src = ''
                var sc = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]
                sc.parentNode.insertBefore(an, sc)
        window.addEventListener('scroll', function() {

<div attribution='setup_tool' class='fb-customerchat' logged_in_greeting=' xin chào bạn' logged_out_greeting='Chào mừng bạn đến với Website' page_id='1356413763240991' theme_color='#0084ff'></div>

If your blogspot has other code, then delete it instead of the above code.
- appId: Is your App ID, if not, you go to to create.
- page_id: Your fanpage ID, to find your fanpage ID here
You change your ID in the 2 place ID above.
- logged_in_greeting: Greeting when the user has logged on facebook on the browser.
- logged_out_greeting: Greetings when the user has not logged into facebook in the browser yet.

Then you save, and access your fanpage, under Settings - the left menu bar select Advanced Messaging - In the Domain section to be put into the valid list you receive your blog link to and save Back and back to your blog site check.

Note: The above JavaScript to connect to facebook has been modified to optimize the page loading speed for blogspot, only when you scroll the page will all applications such as Like, Share, Live chat, Comment ... What's related to Facebook just works.

Good luck!

Guide to setting optimal SEO settings for Blogspot

Guide you to set up and install the best blogspot standard, making it easy for your blogspot to be indexed on Google's search engine, content written by

Guide to setting up optimal SEO settings for Blogspot

1. Installation part:

First you go to Settings - Basic

Section Title: You enter a title that contains the main content keyword of blogspot.
Item Description: You enter the description content of the blog, containing the main keyword about your blogspot.

Under HTTPS section you turn on Yes and wait for updates.

Next, you in the Search options section - The meta tag here you turn on and enter search description information containing keywords for your blogspot.

Below is the Robots.txt section you pop up and enter the following content:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Allow: / search
Allow: /
Allow: / search / label /

You change your domain name and save it.

Next below Robots.txt is the customized robot title tag you choose as follows:
- Homepage: all - noodp
- Archive and search pages :: all - noodp
- Default for posts and pages: all - noodp

Then you save.

2. Writing part:

- The title you put contains difficult words about the article content
- When writing content, you should highlight the main keywords, highlighting keywords
- Point the link for the article related to the keyword in your blog
- Photos: You add attributes for ALT tags
- Set labels for posts
- The important item is Descriptive search you enter the main description of the article, the content contains keywords, over 200 words written here.

3. Additional settings

- Analytics: You access the link then create Analytics code attached to your blogspot, to track traffic.

- Search Console: You access the link to install for the site and choose to verify with meta tags. After installation is complete in the sitemap section you add /sitemap.xml and save. This will help the content of the blog index article faster on google search engine, and can track which links are denied index, then you click to request again.

Instructions to fix image sharing posts on facebook

Instructions for you to fix the error of not displaying images, thumbs when sharing blogspot posts on facebook, some blogs when sharing articles on social networks without thumbnails or errors, this is a workaround.

Instructions to fix image sharing posts on facebook

You copy the entire code below paste under the <head> tag and save. Then share your blog post card on facebook to check.

Or you can check and collect information with facebook's Debug Sharing Tool:

<b:if cond='data:view.featuredImage'>
    <meta expr:content='resizeImage(data:view.featuredImage, 1200, &quot;1200:630&quot;)' property='og:image'/>
<b:elseif cond='data:widgets'/>
    <b:loop reverse='true' values='data:widgets.Blog.first.posts where (p =&gt; p.featuredImage) map (p =&gt; p.featuredImage)' var='imageUrl'>
    <meta expr:content='resizeImage(data:imageUrl, 1200, &quot;1200:630&quot;)' property='og:image'/>
<b:elseif cond='data:blog.postImageUrl'/>
    <meta expr:content='resizeImage(data:blog.postImageUrl, 1200, &quot;1200:630&quot;)' property='og:image'/>


Instructions to create Sitelinks Search Box for blogspot

Instructions to create Sitelinks Search Box for blogspot appear on google when searching domain of your blogspot site, this section is very difficult to display a search box next to the blogspot blogspot on google, because it needs a lot of traffic from google search engine.

Copy this code before the </head> tag

<script type='application/ld+json'>
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "WebSite",
  "url": "",
  "potentialAction": {
  "@type": "SearchAction",
  "target": "{search_term_string}",
  "query-input": "required name=search_term_string"

Have you changed the blogspot page link to the 2 links above and saved and waited to know maybe one day your blogspot site will be displayed again.

Above is a guide to creating a page link search box for blogspot, a guide to creating a Sitelinks Search Box for blogspot