Add an ATM payment method to Adsense

Instructing you to add a Google Adsense payment method with an ATM account of all Vietnam Banks, the purpose is for you to receive money from Google Adsense with a Bank account, content written by

Add an ATM payment method to Adsense

When your Google Adsense account is equal to or greater than $ 100, you are eligible to receive money, and you need to have 1 ATM card of any Vietnam Bank, domestic card or VISA, MasterCard card. , the steps to add an ATM account are as follows:

Step 1: You log into your Google Adsense account.

Step 2: Payment menu item - Manage payment methods - Add payment methods
Here you select Add new bank transfer details.

Step 3: Please fill in the following information:

- Beneficiary ID: You left blank.
- Name on the bank account: You enter the name on your ATM card uppercase, no accents.
- Bank name: Please enter the Bank name of the ATM card in English.
- SWIFT BIC: Please enter the SWIFT BIC code of the Bank.
- Account number: You enter the account number.
- Re-enter your account number: You re-enter your account number.
- Intermediary bank: You left blank.
- FFC or FBO: You left blank.

Note: Information such as SWIFT BIC and Bank name in English can be found here: (exactly 100 %).

For example, I fill in an ATM card of Vietinbank as follows:

- Beneficiary ID:
- Name on the bank account: TRAN VAN HOA
- Bank name: Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade
- Account number: 123456789101112
- Retype account number: 123456789101112
- Intermediary bank:
- FFC or FBO:

After completing and checking all the correct information, you tick the box Set as the main payment method and click Save.

So you have completed the additional payment methods by bank account Vietnam.

On the 21st of every month when Google Adsense has paid for you, depending on the Bank and branch, there will be 2 cases as follows:

- Case 1: Automatic money returned to your ATM account.

- Case 2: The money is suspended at the Bank, you contact the Bank, or the Bank they call you by themselves to confirm the signing of the conversion from USD to VND, only for the first time and the following times, No need to go to the Bank anymore, the Bank will automatically transfer straight to the ATM for you.

Note: Money from Adsense account to ATM card of your Bank account takes 1-3 working days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays because these 2 weekends are not working.

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