How to get any blogspot data data

Hello everyone, here I guide you how to get all data blogspot data any simple and fastest way, the goal is to get all blogspot posts of other people to upload to your blogspot.

Get all blogspot data

I do not encourage you to do so, so called data stealing by others, you should write it better, because it is the effort of people to write such articles.

You access any blogspot need to get all the article data, then paste this code behind the link on the browser and press enter to access the link.


For example:

Then you press CTRL + S to save it, it shows the file name is atom.txt, you change it to atom .xml and save, so that is all you need to upload the file you just took to your blogspot, so that is You have taken all the data of any blogspot data.

Note: The link you need to replace the highlighted area, and the number 50 is the number of articles to get from 1 -> 50, you change the number accordingly.