Top 5 beautiful blogspot sales templates

Top 5 beautiful sales blogspot template interface templates designed by, responsive standard templates, code optimization, page loading speed, suitable as sales blogspot pages.

1. Template fashion blogspot template

The template blogspot template sells beautiful fashion SEO standard 2020, men and women fashion, office fashion, the blog is designed and optimized to create a beautiful fashion sales blogger site, integrated online shopping cart for selling blogs. line.

Fashion sales blogspot template

This is a beautiful fashion blogspot template, selling clothes, shoes, office fashion, fashion for men and women, a standard mobile design template interface, online shopping cart integration, ordering directly on the website.

The code is optimized for fast loading speed, the blog interface is beautifully designed to sell items such as fashion, cosmetics, shoes ...

Some highlights of the sample:

Standard responsive bootstrap interface
The latest interface blogspot side
Integrated mini cart easy to manipulate.
Automatically calculate% discount
Automatically calculate the amount of discount
The layout has been designed according to each item that is easy to manage
Optimize H1 tags

Especially the clean, unencrypted standard code, the fashion sales blog interface designed by Hoa Tran on the website Summary of many best selling blog templates, seo compatible any device.

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Conclusion: This is a sample of beautiful fashion sales blogger seo 2020 | GiaoDienBlog.Net

2. Template blogspot template selling flowers and bonsai

The blog template for selling beautiful bonsai, feng shui flowers is designed to create an online shopping cart, suitable as a blogspot for selling flowers and bonsai suitable for feng shui bloggers.

Template blogspot template selling flowers and bonsai

This is a nice sales blog template, seo standard code design compatible and works well on all browsers.

The template is designed and optimized for page loading speed, optimized for the most standard H1 H2 H3 tags. Interface sales blog designed by and sold for only 250,000 VND enthusiastically supported by Hoa Tran.

Nice blog interface makes a blog site selling bonsai, flowers, bon types wrong ...

Features of this blog template:

Integrated shopping cart
News section
Full banner
% Price reduction display
Automatically calculate the amount of discount
Add shipping fees nationwide
Add product code to the order
And many other features.

Conclusion: It can be said that this is a beautiful bonsai flower blogging interface template designed by admin Hoa Tran.

3. Template blogspot shop beautiful fashion accessories

The blogspot interface template makes a nice and stylish fashion blog selling code, suitable as a blog selling fashion website and accessories for shoes, cosmetics, clothes designed by

Template blogspot shop beautiful fashion accessories

The blog interface template is beautifully designed and standard on the blogspot platform designed by the interface to make a semi-fashion blog, a professional fashion shop.

If you are looking for a fashion sales blogger template, you can use this blog template as a sales web. Professional blog interface designed with cart. Help customers place orders directly on your web blog.

Highlights of this fashion blog template:
- Online shopping cart
- Beautiful blog interface that displays well on mobile
- Integrated image album for the product
- Posting photos freely will automatically create photo albums
- Integrating blogspot cart directly from the homepage, easy operation.

Sample fashion blogspot shop sales designed by admin is Hoa Tran

Conclusion: A professional sales blogger interface template especially made for fashion and accessory sales blog.

4. Template Blogspot Sales Cosmetic Cosmetic

Blogspot Cosmetic Sales Blog Template is a beautiful, modern interface for websites specializing in cosmetics, specializing in selling items such as lipstick, sunscreen, cleanser, makeup pen, makeup remover ... set by

Blogspot Sales Template Cosmetic Cosmetic

Salient features

1. This cosmetic sales blog blogspot theme is beautifully designed with product blocks, sale program images, etc. to help you freely display your aesthetics, strengths and bring a comprehensive view. to your blogspot website.

2. The product block is designed prominently, helping to attract more customers to products for sale on your blogspot website.

3. The interface is designed to be reasonably responsive, works well on any device: PC, Laptop, tablet, mobile phone ...

4. The small details in the interface are designed to be minimalist, sophisticated and fully functional of a professional and standard seo blogger.

5. Automatic features:

Automatically calculate percentage discount, automatically create image slides when viewing product details

With all of the above advantages, we believe this is the best selling blogspot interface for you to start selling cosmetics, spa, beauty, jewelry ...

Information about the theme:

Template name: Cosmetic Blogger Theme
Design author: Hoa Tran

5. Blog template selling nature cosmetics

Cosmetic sales website template for blogspot standard seo, beautiful interface, standard xml template, web interface designed by beautifully suitable for you as a cosmetic sales website on google blogger platform.

Natural cosmetics sales blogspot template

Interface sales cosmetic template for beautiful blogspot, google seo standard design, optimized code template, optimization seo meta tag h1.

A blog template suitable for making free website on blogspot platform, suitable for selling products such as natural cosmetics, beauty cosmetics, organic cosmetics, beauty accessories such as lipstick, chalk. ..

Support when buying interface templates:
- Support for installing the complete template.
- Supports shopping cart settings for blogspot
- Support for further editing if required
- Full template delivery without coding copyright.

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Author: Hoa Tran

Conclusion: A sample blogspot template selling beautiful cosmetics seo standard, you should try this blog interface offline, enthusiastic support from the author.

Above are the top 5 best selling blogspot template templates for making website on blogger platform.